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Mechanics Postdoctoral Research Station of Jiangsu University was founded in 2012. It is based on mechanics discipline, whose program of solid mechanics was honored as the key program in Jiangsu Province's "11th Five-Year Plan" and mechanics discipline is now listed as the expectant key program in Jiangsu Province’s "12th Five-Year Plan" .

Mechanics discipline in Jiangsu University has abroad range of laboratories, such as National Research Center of Pumps and Pumping System Engineering and Technology, Ministry’s Key laboratory for Damage Risk Detection and Assessment of Mechanical Structure, Jiangsu Province’s Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center for Engineering Mechanics,Jiangsu Province’s Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center for Energy and Power Engineering, Civil Engineering Technology Institution. Mechanics discipline is strongly linked with other disciplines, for instance, physics,material, mechanics, power, agriculture, food and civil engineering. To meetthe lately challenges emerging in science and technology at national level, five thematic groups have been set up:

1) Multi-physical field coupling theory and structure damage/fracturein smart material structure
2) Nonlinear dynamics control and its application
3) Industrial fluid mechanics and multiphase flow and complex flow inengineering
4) Micro / nanomechanical, multiscale mechanical basis and testingtechnology
5) Mechanical problems in engineering structures

Currently, Mechanics discipline in Jiangsu University has won a goodreputation in domestic for its achievements in teaching, research and social services.

The department of Mechanics possess an excellent group of staffs, including one ‘Education ministry’s new century elite talent’,one ‘Jiangsu Province’s double talent’, three winner of ‘Jiangsu Province’s 333 advanced talent program’, six ‘Jiangsu Province’s Qinglan program’ and ‘excellent young academic leaders’, five ‘Six talent peaks program’, one ‘Innovative andleading talent’, five ‘Innovative group of Jiangsu University’, and over 10 worldly known experts work here as visiting professors.

The department of Mechanics has been awarded research funding of 120.59 million CNY, which are based on National Natural Science Foundation, Defense Foundation and province/ministry (up to 60 projects) Foundation and other research funding sources (over 50 projects), and14 program win rewards at province/ministry level. 55 patent applications have been made and 32 are successfully approved. And EMI has received 14 awards atnational or province/ministry level. More than 472 academic papers have been published in both peer-reviewed and invited national and international journals. Over 9 college text books and academic books have been released. In addition, the teaching won two rewards at national level.

To support a high-level research, thedepartment of mechanics establishes series of state-of-the-art research facilities, including MTS809 material testing system, GALDABINI QUASAR2.5 deskmaterial testing system, Vacuum creep testing system, LMS structure dynamical analysis system, Focus LT32-32 Ultrasonic phased array detector, Vic3D Non-contactfull field strain measurement system, Controllable environment E-Sweep atomicforce scanning probe microscope, KEYENCE optical three-dimensional microscope system, three dimensional particle dynamic analyzer, two-phase flow pump tes tbench, phase doppler particle analyzer, 1.0m×1.4m low speed flow wind tunnel, thenoise signal acquisition system of centrifugal pump vibration, and commercial FEM analysis software such as ANSYS、ABAQUES、COMOSOL.

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