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Our faculty held the 12th Zhiyuan Architecture Festival

 Students build bridge models to welcome the 20th PCP National Congress

Mountain Climbing Competition was carried out by our faculty 

Our faculty organized the campus cycling activity 


Our faculty successfully held the 11th Architecture Festival

Our faculty held the Youth League & Student Etiquette Show

Our faculty successfully held the 10th Architecture 


The preliminary contest on Civil Engineering Structure Innovation was successfully held by our faculty 


 Our faculty organized one week summer practice activitiesTeachers and students of our faculty went deep into the enterprise to negotiate cooperation


 Our faculty held the 9th Architecture Festival      successfullyStudents showed their models in  the 9th Architecture Festival


Our faculty held the activity with the theme of "Praise new China and take a photo with our motherland"  Our faculty won the first prize in the 1st National  Innovation Contest For Intelligent Construction And Management


 Our faculty held the 8th Architecture Festival and the 20th Anniversary Celebration of civil engineering undergraduate program Our students won the second prize in the 12th National Structural Design Competition for College Students

Students of our Faculty Made New Breakthroughs in the 2018 Jiangsu Undergraduate Civil Engineering Structure Innovation Competition Our faculty organized an enterprise visiting for overseas students
Professors made site comments on students' models
Expects from the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development visited our labs and evaluated the major of civil engineering
Overseas Exchange Association of our faculty successfully held model united nations conference
Foreign students visited Yangzhou for practice broadening
Our faculty successfully held the 6th anniversary celebration
Four faculties jointly hosted the sign language gymnastics competition
Foreign students visited national geological park in Nanjing
Our faculty successfully held the 6th Youth League secretary salon of Jiangsu University
Youth League branch of the class of 1502 civil engineering reached the final of the first Youth League talent show competition of Jiangsu University
Our faculty successfully held the food festival
Our faculty successfully held the“Far-reaching”chorus communication meeting
Our faculty successfully held the opening ceremony of Architectural Festival
The 2nd Seismic Structural Model Design Competition was successfully held by our faculty
Our faculty held Model United Nations Conference
Our faculty held 2015 measurement competition
Our faculty held the structure innovation competition
Our faculty won the first prize in the debate competition of JU
Models show in the structure innovation competition in 2015 Architecture Festival
The earthquake resistance models match was held by our faculty
Our students learned knowledge about flowers on the World Environment Day
The fourth architectual festival was successfully held
The international market was held to raise people's awareness on protecting the environment
Our football team won the second place during UJS football match
A debate was held to enhance our understanding of the core socialist values
Green investigationactivity was organized
Students from different nationalities thanked their teachers on Teachers' Day
Foreign students participated in the Youth Olympic Games Project for broadening
Students celebrated Mid Autumn Festival with our minority students
Students' performance in the 3rd anniversary of our faculty
Our students took part in a debate competition on the theme of "Chinese Dream"
Volunteers disseminated scientific knowledge in rural areas
Students planted trees on the Arbor Day
Aerobics performance on the Fitness Festival
Supporting education in Sichuan
Shoulder to shoulder with big steps forward
Visiting the construction site in person
Tea party for the minority students
Basic skill of a construction technician-leveling instrument
Military boxing performance in military training
Spectacular moment of the campus sign language exercise
Education activity with the theme of “Chinese Dream, Faculty Friendship”
Chinese and foreign students having fun on the Chuishan
Sino-foreign graduate student academic BBS
Mobilization meeting of the first innovation entrepreneurship practices competitionin engineering management

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