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Ph.D. Degree Program in Mechanics
Discipline code: 0801

I.General introduction of the discipline and the research fields
The PhD Degree Program in mechanics at Jiangsu University can be traced back to 2003. The academic faculty is highly trained and has a strong related educational background including 7 PhD’s supervisors. They are fully dedicated to transmit their knowledge and vast experience that they have accumulated at home and abroad. They are also principal investigators of research projects supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China and Jiangsu Province, and have rich experiences in supervising PhD students.
The discipline of mechanics in Jiangsu University has formed several distinct research directions. Several national and provincial research platforms and a provincial experimental teaching demonstration center with distinguished characteristics have been established which makes it an attractive platform to cultivate overseas PhD students. The PhD Degree Program in Mechanics focuses on:
 1. Multi-physical coupling theory and structural health management
 2. Nonlinear dynamics and control
 3. Multi-scale mechanics and fracture theory
 4. Key mechanical problems in engineering

II. Goal and objectives
The faculties of the school aims to equip students with the ability to apply their expertise to various engineering disciplines relevant to mechanics. In order to achieve the goal of this major, the following objectives are to be accomplished by the time the candidate completes the 3-5 years courses: theory, numerical simulation skills, experimental ability and other aspects of training which beneficial for a future experts in the domain of mechanics. 

III. Study duration and the way to cultivate 
The Faculty of Civil Engineering & Mechanics offers PhD Degree program in Mechanics for overseas (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan included) students. The overall aim of this program is to develop the student’s innovative ability in carrying out scientific research. Students who want to pursue the doctoral degree in solid mechanics in our faculty should:
 ·Obtain a master degree in mechanics or related engineering disciplines before being enrolled as a candidate for PhD degree;
 ·Have the academic qualification required by Jiangsu University.
The normal program length for full-time PhD degree is 4 years. If necessary, the candidate is allowed to apply for an extension no more than 2 years.
According to requirements of the PhD program in solid mechanics and the student’s personal characteristics, the PhD candidate is expected to study related courses, take part in academic activities and grasp new experimental skills. The PhD candidate should try to broaden and deepen his/her understanding of the basic theories, the professional knowledge and the recent development in his/her research field. The PhD candidate should also learn the methods to carry out creative research and develop rigorous scientific attitude.
The supervisor is in charge of the study of the PhD candidate. An advisor team should be set up to guide the course study and research of the PhD candidate. The members of the advisor team are nominated by the supervisor and should be approved by the faculty, and then would be submitted to the Graduate School and Overseas Education College for records.
 Ⅵ.Requirement for the course -PHD.pdf 

附件【Ⅵ.Requirement for the course credits-PH.pdf
附件【Ⅵ.Requirement for the course -PHD.pdf

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