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PhD Degree Program in  Mechanics
Discipline code: 0801

The Faculty of Civil Engineering & Mechanics offers PhD Degree program in Solid Mechanics. The overall aim of this programis to develop the student’s innovative ability in carrying out scientific research. Students who want to pursue the doctoral degree in solid mechanics inour faculty should:
--- obtain a master degree in mechanics or related engineering disciplines before being enrolled as a candidate for PhD degree;
--- have the academic qualification required by Jiangsu University.

During the period of the program, we are dedicated totraining students on theory, numerical simulation and experiment and other aspects of mechanics, aiming to cultivate our students to become advanced expertsin mechanics. On accomplishing the program, students are equipped with the ability to apply their expertise in mechanics to various engineering disciplines relevant to mechanics.

The PhD degreeprogram in solid mechanics aims to develop students’ ability in solving problems arising in mechanics and various engineering sciences associated withmechanics. We emphasize the students’ acquisition of the essential knowledge of mechanics to form a solid foundation for mechanics and the development ofcomprehensive skills in analysis, computations and experiments, respectively.

The PhDdegree program in Solid Mechanics involves the following researchfields:
(I). The coupling theory for mMulti-physicalfields and structure damage/fracture in smart material structures
(II). Nonlinear dynamics and control and itsapplication
(III). Mechanicalproblems in engineering structures
(IV). Micro /nanomechanical, multiscale mechanical basis and testing technology

The normal program length for full-time PhD degree is 4 years. If necessary, the candidate can apply for an extension less than 2 years.
The training for PhD candidate is mainly focused on the research. The PhD candidate should develop the ability of independently conducting research. According to requirements of the PhD program in solid mechanics and the student’s personal characteristics, the PhD candidate is expected to study related courses, take part in academic activities and grasp new experimental skills. The PhD candidate should try to broaden and deepen his/her understanding of the basic theories, the professional knowledge and the recent development in his/her research field. The PhD candidate should also learn the methods to carry out creative research and develop rigorous scientific attitude.
The supervisor is in charge of the study of the PhD candidate. An advisor team should be set up to guide the course study and research of the PhD candidate. The members of the advisor team can be recommended by the supervisor and should be reviewed and approved by the faculty. The names of the members of the advisor team need to be submitted to the Graduate School and Overseas Education College for records.


Ying Luo Qinsheng Bi Ronggui Liu Zhongxian Wang Jianfei Lu
Baiqiang Xu Chengyuan Wang Jinxing Liu Jianguo Zhu
Chunhua Lu
Wenfeng Hao Xiujing Han Chun Tang    

Master Degree Program in Mechanics
Discipline code: 0801

Master degree program in mechanics aims to cultivate students’ability to carry out researches associated with mechanics independently. Thenormal entry requirements include:
--- a bachelor degree in a related engineering discipline which provides a suitable background in mechanics, physics and mathematics, respectively;
---or equivalentqualifications accepted by Jiangsu University.
Theenrolled time for foreign students is either March or September each year.

The master degree offers an advanced qualification inthis exciting and expanding field and is designed to equip students with:
1)  Developmentof skills, knowledge and understanding in the field of mechanics;
2) Participationin the research activities of an institution or corporation;
3) Development of  transferable skills in research methods, communication and teaching.

In order to achieve the goal of this major, the followingstandards should be met by the time when the candidate has completed the 2-3 yearsstudy:
1. With characteristics to spell success, such assound work values, good moral character, strict style of study, energetic and pioneering spirit.
2. Acquisition of the basis theory of mechanics,professional knowledge and experimental skills; being competent in reading and writingacademic publishing; with the ability to independently carry out scientificresearch work, being competent in the specialized field of teaching, research,and mechanics-related science and technology management; with new insights intoscientific or specialized technique.

The Master Degree Program in Mechanics covers thefollowing research areas:
(I). Multi-physical field couplingtheory and structure damage/fracture in smart material structure
1.Multi-physical field coupling theory
2.Ultrasonic theory and technology
3.Structure damage/fracture in smartmaterial structure
(II).Nonlinear dynamics and control and its application
1.Bifurcations and chaos of nonlinear dynamical systems
2.Controlling theory and its application
(III). Industrialfluid mechanics and multiphase flow and complex flow in engineering
1.Two-phase flow theory and application
2.Complex flow computation and experiment in engineering
3. Modern flow measurement technology and application
4. Turbulence drag reduction and flow control
(IV). Micro/ nanomechanical, multiscale mechanical basis and testing technology
1.Micro / Nano mechanics and structural damage / fracturetheory
2.Dynamic behavior of nano (composite) materials
(V).Mechanical problems in engineering structures
1. Dynamic calculation ofengineering structure, test analysis and vibration control
2. Mechanical behaviors and failure analysisof engineering structure
3. Nondestructive examination and healthexamination of engineering structure

The normal program length for full-time Master`s degree is 3 years. The students may take about 1 year to study courses and the remaining period is for the research, thesis writing and exam.
Cultivating Mode
1. The supervisor or the advisor committee suggested by the supervisor shall be in charge of the postgraduate student. The students should confirm their supervisor(s) within the first month after registration through a mutual selection process. Then a personal study plan should be proposed according to the guidance of the supervisor.
2. The trans-discipline student should take supplemental courses under the guidance of his/her supervisor(s).
3. Self-study is especially important during the postgraduate students’ studies. The role of the supervisor is to help and inspire students to think deeply and make correct judgements. The students will be trained to develop abilities of analyzing and solving problems independently.


Ying Luo Baocang Sun Qinsheng Bi Zhongxian Wang Yuping Zhu
Meilan Tan Zhangyao Chen Guoqi Zhao Weiguo Wu Xiaofang Zhang
Jianfei Lu Jianguo Zhu Chengyuan Wang Ping Yang Jianzu Gu
Jinxing Liu Huijie Zhang Mitao Song Xiujing Han Ziping Wang 
Wenfeng Hao   Kan Feng
Jian Zhang
Hu Sun Jiadong Wang
Chun Tang        

Master Degree Program in Civil Engineering
Disciplinecode: 0814

The Faculty of Civil Engineering and Mechanics offersMaster of engineering degree in StructuralEngineering and Disaster Prevention& Mitigation and Protection Engineering. Students who want to pursue their master degrees in theabove majors of our faculty should:
--- have obtained a bachelor degree in Civil Engineering or related engineering majors;
--- have the academic qualification required by Jiangsu University.

The goal of the major is totrain the students on different aspects of civil engineering, aiming to develop students’ abilities and expertise in different aspects of civil engineering. Theseabilities and expertise will benefit students in their future careers in civilengineering.

In order to achieve the goal of civil engineering master program, the master degree program in civil engineering aims to develop students’innovative ability on carrying out scientific research independently. We emphasize the command of comprehensive basic theories and knowledge in construction engineering, structural engineering, and transportation engineering, so ourgraduates will be well equipped with skills and creativities in aforementioned fields of civil engineering.

The Master Degree Programin civil engineering focuses on:
1. Structural engineering (081402)
(1) Calculationand design theory of engineering structure
(2) Interaction of structure and foundation
(3) Modern construction technology and management
2.Disaster prevention& mitigation and protection engineering (081405)
(1) Aseismic theory and application of multi-story andhigh-rise buildings
(2) Security and reliability assessment ondisaster prevention of engineering structure
(3) Geotechnical engineering disaster and itsdamage and protection on engineering structure

(1)The graduate students for master degrees should be directed by a qualified major supervisor. And the students also can be directed by a Group under the leadership of the major supervisor.
(2)A meeting should be hold to discuss the graduate students’ proposal and course work under the unified manner of discipline. The discipline establishes a thesis proposal assessment expert group formed by 3-5 experts of the discipline or relevant disciplines (one’s major supervisor and Steering Group members must be avoided), and a director should be determine to direct the proposal assessment work. The expert group scoring system should be used to assess the dissertation proposal, and the unqualified dissertation proposal can be delayed.
(3)The time and place of dissertation proposal meeting will be put online. Every graduate student has at most twice opportunity to report his/her dissertation proposal in school, the time interval between two proposal meetings is not less than 3 months. The graduate student will be dropped out of school whose proposal not be passed twice. The dissertation can be applied for defense at least one year after passing the proposal.
(4)The stage report of the dissertation should be carried out after about 6 months of the proposal.
(5)Graduate students should write academic papers actively and obtain a certain scientific research achievements during school. Every graduate student is required to publish at least one research paper in a relevant INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL prior to being eligible to apply a dissertation defense. The thesis must demonstrate a mastery of research techniques, ability to perform original and independent research, and skill in formulating conclusions that enlarge upon or modify accepted ideas. The above achievements are required to be with the first unit of Jiangsu University.Ⅵ. SUPERVISORS

The graduate students for the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Mechanics major are required to accomplish at least 24 course credits, and the credits for degree courses should be more than 14 credits. Besides, 2 credits should be earned from reading reports. The completion of courses studying is usually within one year, while the additional 1.5 to 2 years is used to complete the dissertation research and oral examination in thesis defense.

Ronggui Liu Jianfei Lu Qiyin Shi Baixiang Hu Yonghong Miao Xuhong Fan
Chunhua Lu Chuanxun Li Jun Wang Bo Su Guihua Xie Jie Yin
Lilin Cao Yu Han Enquan Zhou Yu Chen Guojun Yu Yongdong Yan
Dongsheng Cai Bin Gu Fubin Zhang Dandan Jin Fuzhe Xie Hai Qian
Peng Wang          


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