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Post-doctoral Positions

Postdoc positions are available at Jiangsu University, China. Those possessing PhDs in the area of mechanical engineering and non-destructive evaluation are sought. We are particularly interested in candidates with experience in experimental and computational mechanics, composite materials and structures etc. Also, candidates with experience in machine learning or material science etc. are also welcome for inter-discipline research.

Job responsibilities (2-year recruitment)

Ø Accomplish the task in the post doc program.

Ø Publish high quality SCI papers.

Ø Apply for the funds from the National Natural Science foundation of China or the excellent postdoc award from Jiangsu province government.

Application requirements

Graduation with a doctoral degree (or a doctoral candidate) and below 35 years old.

Life Guarantee

We have three levels of annual salary (A, B and C):

Ø Level A: RMB 500,000 Yuan/year before tax for those who got PhD. degree awarded by the universities ranked in world Top 200 (QS), and additionally, the candidate should be 32 years old;

Ø Level B and C: RMB 300,000 and 250,000 Yuan/year before tax, respectively, depending on a specific contract;

Ø The total fee social insurance (medical+ work-related injury+ unemployment + maternity) is ~1500 CNY/month. 1000 CNY/month will be provided by JSU and the candidate will be in charge of the rest.

Ø Monthly 800 CNY rent allowance will be provided for post-doctoral apartment in the campus or rental house outside the campus. On campus, the small apartment (25 m^2) is around 800CNY/month. For the off-campus housing, the rental fee is around 1200 CNY/month (~60 m^2).

Ø There is an annual award from the Jiangsu State government for the excellent postdoc (just one time, RMB 300,000 Yuan for two years).

Ø Postdoc fund from the China National Natural Science foundation is encouraged to apply.  

Application materials

Ø Personal CV (including basic information, education background, work experience and main research achievements).

Ø Five representative papers in PDF format in the past five years.

Contact information

Contact: Professor J.G. Zhu, email: zhujg@ujs.edu.cn, please use the format ‘Postdoc candidate – name’ as the subject in your email.

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