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Ying Luo
Name Ying Luo Date of Birth 1960.04

Title Professor Degree Ph.D.

Director of National Center for International Research on Structural Health Management of Critical Components

Discipline Solid mechanics

Education and

2010.07-2010.09  Senior Visiting Scholar, North Carolina State University, USA
2004.03-2004.09  Senior Visiting Scholar, Twente University, The Netherlands
1997.04-2000.12  Doctor of Engineering, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
1985.09-1989.06  Jiangsu Institute of Technology (Jiangsu University) Master of Engineering in Solid Mechanics
1978.12-1980.12  Zhenjiang Agricultural Machinery College (Jiangsu University), Department of Mechanical Engineering, University      
Professional Experience
2016.10-present Director of National Center for International Research on Structural Health Management of Critical Components
2007.11-present Director of the Key Laboratory of Mechanical Structure Damage Detection and Evaluation of Mechanical Industry, Academic Leader
2011.05- 2017.05 Dean of Faculty of Civil Engineering and Mechanics, Jiangsu University, Professor, Ph.D., Academic Leader
2008.03-2011.05 Director of International Cooperation and Exchange Division of Jiangsu University; Dean of International Education Exchange College; Director/Professor, Ph.D., Academic Leader of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office
2002.03-2008.03 Vice Dean/ Professor, Ph.D., Academic Leader of Jiangsu University
2001.02-2002.02 Deputy Director/Professor, Department of Technologyand Industry, Jiangsu University of Science and Technology
1993.05-2001.01 Director/Associate Professor, Institute of Civil Engineering and Technology, Jiangsu University of Science and Technology
1989.07-1993.04 Deputy Director/Lecturer, Engineering Mechanics Research Institute, Jiangsu Institute of Technology
1980.12-1989.06 Department of Materials Mechanics, Jiangsu Institute of Technology, Assistant/Engineer

Academic Post
and Honor

Head of the post-doctoral mobile station of mechanics;
Leader of the discipline of mechanics in Jiangsu Province;
Excellent academic leader of “Blue Project” in Jiangsu Province;
Director of the Key Laboratory of Mechanical Structure Damage Detection and Evaluation Technology in the Machinery Industry;
Director of Jiangsu Provincial Engineering and Engineering Structural Damage Diagnosis and Management Engineering Technology Research Center;
Director of Jiangsu Provincial Mechanics Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center;
Jiangsu University-level innovation team leader;
General manager of the Civil Engineering Technology Research Institute of Jiangsu University;
Member of the Chinese Society of Mechanics, member of the Committee of Experimental Mechanics;
Executive director of the Equipment Structure Health Monitoring and Early Warning Branch of China Instrument and Control Society;
Vice Chairman of the East China Foundation Mechanics and Engineering Application Association;
Vice Chairman of Jiangsu Society of Mechanics; Standing Committee Member of Jiangsu Quality Association Certification Committee;
Council member of the Jiangsu Earthquake Association;
Director of the Institute of Geotechnical Engineering and Engineering of Jiangsu Province;
Chairman of Zhenjiang City Mechanics Society;
Vice Chairman of the Board of Zhenjiang City Construction Engineering Quality Inspection Association;
Editorial Board of the journal "Structural Durability and Health Monitoring";
Editorial Board of Journal of Vibration, Testing and Diagnosis;
Editorial Board of Journal of Jiangsu University (Natural Science Edition).
Experts of the National Natural Science Major and Key Projects Judges; Jieqing and Thousands of Review Experts; National Awards Communication Review and Evaluation Experts; National Natural Science Key International Cooperation Project, National “863 Program” Project, Jiangsu Province “Six Talents” Summit Project manager

Main Courses

Undergraduate :
Introduction to Engineering Mechanics, Intelligent Building Materials and Structures, Structural Behavior of Intelligent Materials
Smart materials and structural systems, solid experimental mechanics, cutting-edge in mechanics and key issues in engineering
Doctoral student :
Multiphysics coupling theory, piezoelectric measurement, intelligent materials and structural mechanics, intelligent material structure and multi-field coupling theory, cutting-edge in mechanics and key issues in engineering

Research Field

Structural health management, strain gradient sensor based on flexural electrical effect, intelligent piezoelectric sensing and driver technology, coupling law and failure problem of non-uniform medium under multiphysics, and new technology research of modern structural damage monitoring.


In the research project :
"Non-contact rapid and accurate imaging theory and method for large-scale structural damage detection" National Natural Science Key International Cooperation Project (11520101001) 2016.01-2020.12 (3.24 million) Luo Ying (1)
Conclusion project :
[26]. "Piezoelectric fiber composite material order growth preparation technology and intelligent drive / sensor device" National High Technology (863) Plan Project (2009AA03Z107) 2009.1—2013.5 (1.1 million) Luo Ying (1);
[25]. Development of a new type of strain gradient sensor for structural damage monitoring. National Natural Science Foundation of China (11272138) 2013.01-2016.12 (960,000) Luo Ying (1);
[24]. Ultrasonic phased array controllable intensity drive and orthotropic sensor technology in mechanical structure damage detection National Natural Science Foundation of China (50875114) 2009.1-2011.12 (380,000) Luo Ying (1);
[23]. Stress wave superposition and migration imaging theory in structural damage detection. National Natural Science Foundation of China (10672068) 2007.1-2009.12 (310,000) Luo Ying (1);
[22] “Study on the Mechanism of Continuous Distributed OCM Sensing for Structural AE Detection” National Natural Science Foundation of China (50375069) 2004.1—2006.12 (210,000) Luo Ying (1);
[21]. Research on Damage and Failure of Smart Structures National Natural Science Foundation of China (10072026) 2001.1—2003.12 (40,000/210,000) Luo Ying (2);
[20]. "Key research on intelligent mechanical structure and system" National Natural Science Foundation of China (59635140), Luo Ying, principal accomplished, certificate (360-01-11910694);
[19]. "Research on the integration and driving mechanism of large displacement antiferroelectric ceramic/shape memory alloy" National Natural Science Foundation of China (59902002.2758), 1999.1—2001.12, Luo Ying (6);
[18]. "Crack, rigid and interaction between inclusions" National Natural Science Foundation of China (19572030) Luo Ying (3);
[17]. “Micro Turbine Engine Technology Research--Subproject” Major Scientific Research Project of National Defense Science and Technology Commission (A2520060236) 2006.1-2010.12 (500,000) Luo Ying (1);
[16]. “Early damage monitoring strain gradient sensor for aeronautical structures based on flexural electric effect” Ministry of Education, Doctoral Fund Priority Development Area (20123227130002) 2013.01-2015.12 (400,000) Luo Ying (1)
[15]. "Research on ASHM Technology Based on Stress Wave Theory" Doctoral Fund of Ministry of Education (20060299001) 2007.1-2009.12 (60,000) Luo Ying (1)
[14]. Orthotropic sensing/driving technology based on high-performance piezoelectric fiber 》 Jiangsu High Technology Research (BG2006026) 2006.4—2008.12 (1 million) Luo Ying (1);
[13]. “Research on AE Technology in Civil Engineering Structure and Major Disaster Early Warning System” Jiangsu Province “Six Talents Summit” Project 2005.1-2007.12 (50,000) (1721190050) Luo Ying (1);
[12]. "Study on the mechanism of new surface acoustic wave AE sensor based on continuous distributed sensing technology" Jiangsu Province "Blue Project" project 2004.1-2006.12 (50,000) Luo Ying (1);
[11]. Research on Damage and Failure of Piezoelectric and SMA Smart Structures, National Defense Science and Technology [2004] No. 178, 2005, Luo Ying (8);
[10]. “New Method and Application Research of Automatic Quantitative Filling of Powder Materials”, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education Program, 2003, 03KJD410071, Luo Ying (4);
[9]. "Study on the Mechanism of Sensing Test Parameters of Engineering Structures" Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Department (BK2001213) 2001-2005.8 (400,000) Luo Ying (1), the project of the Jiangsu Provincial Natural Science Foundation in 2005 Outstanding grades in the rating level of the project;
[8]. Preliminary Study on Piezoelectric Disc Type Spring Spring Actuator Jiangsu University Senior Talent Fund, 2003.1-2005.12, Luo Ying (1);
[7]. "Research on Bearingless (Maglev Suspension) Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor and Digital Control System" Jiangsu High Technology Project (BG2001029), 200,000 yuan, 2002.1-2004.12, Luo Ying (5);
[6]. "Sensor Mechanism and Application of Piezoelectric Composite Mechanical Sensors" Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education (99KJD130001), 2000.1-2003.12, Luo Ying (1);
[5]. Research on Integrated Multifunctional 1-3 Piezoelectric Composite Materials Applied to Adaptive Structures Aviation Fund (99G52065) 1999.1-2001.12, Luo Ying (2);
[4]. "Study on the anchoring force reaction device of low tonnage static load test" Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Commission project, approved by the Provincial Science and Technology Commission on December 29, 1995 (95) Su Kejianzi No. 637, Luo Ying (2);
[3]. "Nuclear Power Plant Temperature Stress Analysis Program PTSA" No. Nuclear General Branch No. 257, 1994, Luo Ying (5);
[2]. "Development of Rail Temperature Stress Detector", 1991.7-1992.12, mainly participated and completed;
[1]. "Electromagnetic Eddy Current Analog Theory and Test Bench" Su Gao Jiao Jianzi 84022, 1984, mainly participated and completed.

Main Papers
and Patents

[41]. Li X, Luo Y. Flexoelectric Effect on Vibration of Piezoelectric Microbeams Based on a Modified Couple Stress Theory [J]. Shock and Vibration, 2017, (2017-3-16), 2017, 2017: 1-7. (SCI)
[40].Xingjia Li and Ying Luo. Size-Dependent Postbuckling of Piezoelectric Microbeams Based on a Modified Couple Stress Theory. International Journal of Applied Mechanics. 2017, 9(4):1750053. (SCI)
[39].A. Marfo, Z. Chen and J. L. Acoustic emission analysis of fatigue crack growth in steel structures Journal of Civil Engineering and Construction Technology. 2013, 4(7): 239-249. July 2013
[38].A. Marfo, Y. Luo and Z. A. Chen. Quantitative acoustic emission fatigue crack characterization in structural steel and weld. Advances in Civil Engineering . 2013. ID 461529.
[37]. Adutwum Marfo, Ying Luo. Application of DIC in fatigue life prediction. Archives of mechanics. 2013 (SCI source journals accepted)
[36]. Han WenQin(#),Ying, Luo(*),Gu AiJun,Yuan, Fuh-Gwo,Damage Modes Recognition and Hilbert-Huang Transform Analyses of CFRP Laminates Utilizing Acoustic Emission Technique,Applied Composite Materials,2016.4.01 , 23(2): 155~178. (SCI: 000372164100004)
[35].Aijun Gu, Ying Luo, Baiqiang Xu. Continuous Condition Monitoring of Reinforced Concrete using an Active Diagnosis Method, Structural Health Monitoring.2016,15(1): 104-112. (SCI: 000372905600008)
[34].Aijun Gu, Ying Luo, Baiqiang Xu. Experimental study on acoustic emission characteristics of reinforced concrete components, Smart Structures and Systems, 2015, 16 (1): 67-79. (SCI:000360305300004)
[33]. Ziping Wang, Ying Luo. Focusing Modeling of OPFC Linear Array Transducer by Using Distributed Point Source Method. Abstract and Applied Analysis. 2014, http://dx.doi.org/10.1155/2014/840748 (SCI: 000335037300001 )
[32]. Ying Luo, Hong Li, BaiQiang Xu, Gui Dong Xu . Spectral finite element method modeling of ultrasonic guided waves propagation in layered viscoelastic film/substrate materials. Journal of Applied Physics. 2010. (108): 123505-123511. (SCI: 000285768800025)
[31]. Yong Dai, Bai Qiang Xu, Ying Luo, Hong Li, Gui Dong Xu. Finite element modeling of the interaction of laser-generated ultrasound with a surface-breaking notch in an elastic plate. Optics & Laser Technology. 2010, 42(2): 693-697. (SCI)
[30]. Binghao Bao, Ying Luo. Theory of magnetoelectric effect in laminate composites considering 2D internal stresses and equivalent circuit. Journal of Applied Physics, 2011, 109: 094503-1-5. (SCI: 000290588500118)
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[28]. Bao Binghao, Ren Naifei, Luo Ying. The theory of giant magneto-impedance effect of amorphous band with lateral bias field. Chinese Journal of Physics. 2011,3(60):1-6. (SCI: 000292017800103)
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[26]. Ying Luo, Ziping Wang, Baiqiang Xu. Experimental Damage Identification in Concrete Structure Using Stack Migration Imaging Technology. Journal of Advanced Concrete Technology. 2012, 1(10): 41-46. (EI: 20121614953161) (SCI: 00314165200004)
[25]. Ziping Wang, Ying Luo. Optimal design of OPCM sensor by the orthotropic ratio. Key Engineering Materials, 2011, 464:350-353. (EI: 20111213770620)
[twenty four]. Ying Luo, Ziping Wang. Fabrication and performance evaluation of OPCM array transducer. Applied Mechanics and Materials. 2011, 83:109-115. (EI: 20113514285645)
[twenty three]. Ying Luo, Zhongfang Li. Application of Prestack Migration Theory in Flaw Detection of Concrete Structure. International Journal of Nonlinear Science, 2010, 10(3): 326-332.
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[1]. Luo Ying, Tao Baoqi. The OPCM Strain Gauges for Strain & Stress Measurement of the Orthotropic Material Structures [J]. Acta Mechanical Solida sinica. 2000, 13(4): 337-345. (SCI)
book :
Liu Zuting, Gu Liping, Luo Ying, Gu Jianzu. Vibration Analysis and Quality Monitoring of Pile Foundation. Jiangsu: Southeast University Press, 1995



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