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· The experience sharing meeting about national graduate entrance examination an... 2017-5-25
· The contest of anti-seismic structure was successfully held by our faculty 2017-5-20
· Our faculty held an academic advisor working seminar for the class of 2016 2017-5-17
· Our faculty held the career guidance lecture 2017-5-13
· Good News: Our faculty won the first prize in 2017-5-10
· Our faculty successfully held the ¡°ideal building in your mind¡± activity 2017-4-28
· The 2nd "Civil Engineering Guinness" was successfully held by our faculty 2017-4-27
· Our faculty successfully held IELTS and TOEFL exchanging meeting 2017-4-21
· Our faculty held the ¡°2016 Zhiyuan Fund Award¡± Defense Review Meeting 2017-4-12
· Our faculty held the opening ceremony of College Student Innovative Entreprene... 2017-3-30
· Our faculty successfully launched the "Arbor Day" activity 2017-3-16
· Our faculty successfully held the "new green city" model production competitio... 2017-3-12
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