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Our faculty held an academic advisor working seminar for the class of 2016
Our faculty held an academic advisor working seminar for the class of 2016 in meeting room 210 on May 17th. Chen Quan, deputy dean of our faculty, instructors, all class leaders of 2016 and academic advisors attended the seminar.
At the beginning, Huang Chengcheng, the instructor of 2016 class summarized the students¡¯ situation in several aspects: style of study, grades, passing rate of CET-4, participation rate of science research, apply for TOFEL/IELTS and community security. He confirmed the role of academic advisors in the growth of students and the development of the college and hoped that the academic advisors will continue to care for the class, keep in touch with the counselors, and jointly serve and manage the students. Then the advisors of each class shared the difficulties and experiences of work. All teachers made a lively discussion and put forward solutions on their own.
Finally, deputy dean Chen Quan made a summary speech. He acknowledged the advisors¡¯ work, making some suggestions for further arrangement and express thanks to all teachers. He hoped that all teachers will continue to guide and care for the students, and the students¡¯ success will be the best reward for their hard work.
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