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The contest of anti-seismic structure was successfully held by our faculty
The contest of anti-seismic structure jointly organized by Jiangsu University and Jiangsu University of Science And Technology was successfully held on 20th May. Students of our faculty took part in the competition actively with enthusiasm and got great grades.
At the beginning, 20 teams, with prepared models, load weights on the models successively. Then the vibrator started until the model was destroyed. The process was very exciting and everybody concentrated his attention on it. Judge teachers with rich experience give comments to each model and made some advices. One of the models bare nearly 200 pounds, which won everyone¡¯s loud shouts of applause. After a morning of intense competition, each team achieved the ideal results.
The contest of anti-seismic structure, not only increase the passion of the two schools the students, improve the ability of the students hands-on, and, more importantly, enriched the knowledge of seismic structures, stimulating the enthusiasm of the students studying aseismatic structure, activity has achieved a great success.
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