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The experience sharing meeting about national graduate entrance examination and studying abroad was successfully held by our faculty
To give more experience about national graduate entrance examination and studying abroad to students, making them get twice the result with half the effort, our faculty held an experience sharing meeting in Room 1F101, Sanjiang Building on May 23rd.
Li Zongyu, who got an excellent grade in the examination and was admitted to ChongQing University, attended the meeting as a representative. Wang Tianxiang, who got an offer from KTH also shared his experience about applying for studying abroad.
At first, Li Zongyu shared his course and experience from the examination. He took the employment situation as entry point, encouraging undergraduates to take part in to the exam. He narrated some difficulties he met in preparation of the exam humorously. What¡¯s more, he shared the way to overcome psychological stress. Then Wang introduced his own skills in learning English and offered some advices, which is a very valuable experience for students preparing to go abroad. The meeting ended in the applause of the students.
The meeting not only let students who intended to go abroad learned valuable experience but also strengthened their determination for their bright future.
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