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The 5th "Zhiyuan" academic salon of 2017 was successfully held by our faculty
At the beginning, Prof. Lu made a brief introduction about Mr. Su and Dr. Yu¡¯s research areas and major academic achievements. Then Dr. Su made an academic report called ¡®The finite element method of fluid mechanics and the simulation study of the construction structure wind field¡¯. After Mr. Su¡¯s report, Dr. Guojun Yu also gave a report with the name of ¡°Magnetic rheological material and its intelligent isolation/shock absorber study¡±.

The academic report aroused the interest of many teachers and students, and after the meeting, we had a lively discussion with the two experts. The content of this salon activity is rich and detailed, further enhancing the academic atmosphere of our faculty and improving the professional quality of our teachers and students.

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