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Department of Civil Engineering

The department of civil engineering, established in 1989, offers the bachelor of engineering degree in civil engineering (including construction engineering and traffic civil engineering) and engineering management. The department also offers the master of engineering degree in structural engineering and disaster prevention & mitigation and protection engineering. The civil engineering laboratory of the department, which is sponsored jointly by Jiangsu province and National Ministry of Education, is a cultivation site for experimental demonstration centers of civil engineering in Jiangsu province.
With 30 faculty (4 professors, 7 associate professors and 12 lecturers), more than 700 undergraduate students and 50 graduate students, the department of civil engineering in recent years has undertaken 7 projects sponsored by the National Nature Science Foundation of China, over 20 provincial and ministry level projects and 10 projects from industries. The annual research funding of the department has reached RMB4,000,000. In recent five years, more than 150 scientific papers have been published on many famous domestic and international journals, among which over 60 have been indexed in SCI, EI and ISTP, and besides, six invention patents have also been authorized or accepted.

Department of Mechanics and Engineering Science

The history of Department of Mechanics and Engineering Science can be traced back to 1960 when Jiangsu University was founded. Over the past several decades, the department has made large development in many ways such as education cultivation, scientific research, disciplines and laboratory.
At present, the department has 24 full-time teachers, including 8 professors and 9 associate professors, and 3 doctoral supervisors. Among our full-time teachers, 11 people are Doctor of Philosophy, and 6 people have experience abroad learning and doing scientific research. There are one Candidate of the Project host of century innovation talent project of China?¡¥s Ministry of Education , one Candidate of the Project host of  Jiangsu Province for "six top " talent project, one Honor winner of the advanced individual of innovation of Jiangsu province in 2008. The Department have one ministry level key laboratory-- mechanical structure damage detection & assessment laboratory, a experimental mechanics demonstration center of Jiangsu province, a civil engineering testing technology institute which offers technique services for society, a institute of engineering mechanics. The department offers one second-level discipline doctoral programs in solid mechanics which is one of Jiangsu provincial key disciplines and one of primary (or first-level) disciplines that offers master programs in mechanics. Now, the major research areas of the department are

1.The theory of mechanic, multi-physical field coupling theory and structure damage/fracture in smart material structure
2.Nonlinear dynamics and Control
3. Micro/nano mechanics and structure damage/ fracture theory
4.Key problems of mechanics in Engineering fields
5. Soft material Mechanics 
6. Micro- and nano-mechanics and its applications

In recent 5 years, the department has host 2 National High-tech R&D Program (863 Program) supported by National Ministry of Science and Technology, 10 projects Supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China, 10 research projects funded by ministries and provinces and more than 200 items research projects come from society. The department has obtained many important research achievements among which 2 were provincial or ministery level advanced science and technology awards, 10 patents were authorized or accepted. Meanwhile, the department had published more than 200 papers among which more than 200 were indexed by EI, SCI, and ISTP.

The department also has established long-term teaching, scientific research and exchange student cooperative relationship with many universities and educational or research institutions ,such as North Carolina State University and South Carolina University in U.S.A, Bergen University in Norway, Sydney University of Technology in Australia and so on.

Department of Construction Management

The Department of Construction Management steams from Teaching and Research Section of Construction Management, which was set up by the Department of Civil Engineering, School of Science in 2007. It has been formally recruited undergraduate students majoring in Construction Management since 2007. The Department of Construction Management was formally set up under the School of Civil Engineering and Mechanics in 2017.
The Department of Construction Management can achieve ¡°coherent mode¡± talent training about undergraduate, postgraduate, doctor and post-doctor with the support of Civil Engineering and the advantage discipline platform of Management Science and Engineering discipline (Key discipline of Jiangsu Province). Now it owns one undergraduate program: Construction Management, which can recruit professional master of Construction and Civil Engineering program (Construction Management), and recruit academic master of Management Science and Engineering major rely on the School of Management (Engineering Management).
The department now owns 10 high-quality, young and professional teachers, who belong to the "Youth Civilization of Jiangsu University "collective. They have obtained 2 Top Prize, 4 first prize, 3 second prize in the teaching competition of Jiangsu Province, 1first prize, 1 second prize in the teaching competition of Jiangsu University during the past three years. Besides, they obtain 1 First prize and 1 Second prize of the Teaching Achievements of Jiangsu University. They are presiding over 1 key project about postgraduate reform of Jiangsu Province, 1 key project about teaching reform of Jiangsu University. They also mainly participate in the completion of 1 excellent course and 1 provincial key teaching materials.
Construction Management program in Jiangsu University focuses on the demand of construction industry and related industries. Its connotation is in line with Construction Engineering and Management(CEM). Its main teaching line is to train students¡¯ comprehensive ability in finding, analyzing, researching and solving practical problems of construction management. It aims at training high-grade compounded talents with comprehensive knowledge and ability. The Department of Construction Management has made significant achievements in the training of university students¡¯ practical ability, and has obtained 28 awards above Third Prize in some kinds of innovation, venture and practice competitions during the past three years. It held the fourth ¡°Jiangsu Province University Innovation, Venture and Practice Competition of Engineering Management¡± in 2016. It obtained 1 Top Prize, 2 First Prize, 2 Second Prize, 4 Third Prize, and its comprehensive results ranked first in Jiangsu Province in the competition.

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